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Well-Maintained Truck Rentals in Utica, MI

We’ve built our reputation on equipment rental, and we’re proud to continue that reputation with a truck rental in Utica, MI through our sister company, Rent-A-Truck. We have 50 years of experience in quality customer service and well-maintained rentals.  Rent-A-Truck will provide solutions for getting your property from one place to another. We’re locally-owned and ready to give you the personal service for your future move. For truck rentals in Utica, MI, call Rent-A-Truck today.

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Why Should You Rent a Moving Truck from Rent-A-Truck?

There are numerous benefits to working with Rent-A-Truck for all your moving needs. We have over 50 years of experience in Utica, MI, and we’re uniquely situated to provide truck rentals to Utica, MI customers. We rent our trucks based on availability, so be sure you know when you’ll be picking up the truck and when you’ll be returning it. Pick up and drop is between 8 a.m. and 8 a.m. the next day, and any time after that counts as two days.

Local & One-Way Truck Rental

One-way truck rental is perfect for customers moving materials from one place to another who lack the time to return the rental. Move your possessions to your new home or construction equipment without the burden of returning the truck.

12- to 24-Foot Moving Trucks

We can accommodate all of our customers with a variety of truck sizes. If you’re moving possessions from a small studio apartment, you might not need a large truck. Our 12-foot options are great for moving a couch, bed, cabinet, and everything in your kitchen. For homeowners moving from one house to another, we offer larger sizes for all your possessions.

Flat-Bed Trucks

Many of our customers are smaller construction companies and D.I.Y. home renovators in need of a way to move equipment and materials from one location to another. Flat-bed trucks are ideal for moving baled tiles, miscellaneous building materials, scrap metal, and equipment hauling. Regardless of your cargo, we have reliable flat-bed trucks for you.

Contact Us Today to Speak with Our Friendly Staff

We’re firm believers in building loyalty and trust with our customers. Our clients come back to us again because our staff is friendly and helpful and because we never cut corners by offering sub-prime rentals. To learn more, contact us today.

Equipment Rental Options

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Moving & Handling Equipment
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Landscaping, Lawn & Garden
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